Here are the Homes You Should Check Out on Halloween Around Waterloo Region

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This Halloween, you can get your spook on just by driving around and seeing all of the decorations! Some people in the region have gone ALL OUT and made their homes 100% worth checking out.

Here’s a list of homes to check out on Halloween around the region if you LOVE Oct. 31st!

*We asked you for recommendations, so if a picture isn’t included, it’s because we got the hot tip from a helpful listener!


  • This home on Moore Ave across from the cemetery puts out these decorations every year at the beginning of the month and includes a Halloween countdown!

  • Bridget Dicaire (commented on our Facebook page): Markwood Drive in Kitchener has a good one down at the bend
  • There's a home on Bridgeport between Goldbeck  Lane & Bluevale that has their entire lawn decorated with pumpkins, skeletons, coffins etc. It’s impossible to miss it if you’re getting off the highway and heading towards Weber


  • David & Dennis’ home on John St near King in Uptown Waterloo is next level festive! On Halloween, all of these decorations will be lit up with spooky lights and fog machines. You can also catch their massive flaming pumpkin!


  • A ton of homes on John St have hopped on board with the decorating tradition


  • Pumpkin Queen of Cambridge on Dellgrove Circle – This year Kara is carving over 100 pumpkins in support of the United Way. Her theme this year her theme is “Honey Bees!” She’ll have everything on display from 4-10PM and will feature her flaming pumpkin

  • Alicia Astley-Smith on Mclellan Court shared pictures of her home on our Facebook page:


  • The Nightmare Before Christmas Experience in support of Aberfoyle Public School. This runs from 6:30 – 9PM and is located at 20 Fox Run Drive.  This yard display has full size replicas of characters from the movie and a timed light display with music from the film! (Can I get a YASSSSS on 3?!)


  • Sarah Paige messaged us on Instagram saying there’s a home on Arthur that becomes a Haunted House



Happy Trick or Treating! 

- Sarah Christie