BREAKING: Expected NEW features on the iPhone

Every year, Apple hosts a Worldwide Developers Conference, formally called WWDC and informally called Nerd Jams (by me, a nerd). Tis the moment where developers learn what is "new and improved". 

Biggest changes for iPhone! 

Screen Time will count exactly how many hours you've lost to your phone.

 Courtesy Apple

Grouped notifications so your home-screen! 

New "Do Not Disturb" feature will automatically shut down your phone while in a specific location. I.E the movies.

Screen Time feature will give you a breakdown of your favorite apps and just how long your on said apps. Broken down like this:
- Socail Networks
- Email
- Entertainment
- News
Just to name a few. 

Group Face Time will allow you to add 31 people! With friends and family combined I don't think I talk to 31 people little alone feel the need to chat with them at the exact same time! HA

Augmented reality for all those who love VR. (Vertiual Reality)

For a more in depth breakdown see HERE 

- Pam - 

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