DO NOT reuse, reduce, recycle this ONE thing! Please the fate of humanity depends on it!

We are so conscious about reducing, reusing and recycling, my mom hand washes her freezer ziploc bags. As a result, I do too. HA But somethings should be ONE TIME USE. Like.... CONDOMS! Seems like a no brainer, hey? Well it's not because earlier this week Centers for Disease and Control tweeted this out:


Mood killers are as follows:

  • A condom that comes out of a ziploc bag because it's been hand washed and ready for reuse! GAG! 

If you are confused on the topic don't hesitate to call the Line from Hell 780.451.8666 and I'll further explain why you DON'T REUSE CONDOMS. 

Thank you for reading! 
- Pam - 

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