Dude Emails 246 Nicole's at UofC To Find The One He Met At The Bar

So much awesomeness in one story. Most guys would give up if they girl they took home one night MAYBE gave them the wrong number...but not Carlos.

Carlos Zetina apparently met a lovely lady named Nicole at the bar, and she gave him the wrong phone number after he took her and her friend home on Thursday night.

He didn't know much about Nicole...just a wrong number, her first name and that she went to the U of C.

SO, Carlos decided to send an email to every single Nicole, Nicky, Nikki, Nicolette, and Nik that went to the University of Calgary to see if he could find the right one! (Apparently the University has a directory, so it was an easy task)

Now, although his email with the subject "Met you last night and you gave me the wrong number," DID CONNECT HIM TO THE RIGHT Nicole...All the other Nicole's reaped the benefits as well!

Some of the other Nicole's decided to use this mass email as an opportunity to meet new people. 
The email prompted the creation of a Facebook group called “Nicole From Last Night,” they planned a get-together to meet one another and hopefully find the right Nicole. 
A mini meetup happened Friday, with plans for bigger gatherings to come.

As for Carlos and the "right" Nicole...they are planning to meet up soon!!