If You Want To See The Solar Eclipse, but also like your eyes.

Here's the skinny on how to view the solar eclipse. Here in Edmonton we'll see the eclipse do it's thing starting at 10:24am and ending at 12:49pm. It should also be noted that here in Edmonton, we won't witness a full eclipse. Just a partial. I've done enough research to know that viewing this event with your bare eyes is a very bad idea. There are glasses specifically designed for viewing this thing and apparently some models that are labeled "Eclipse glasses" are faulty. Test your glasses by looking at a household light. If you can see it at all, they aren't working right. It goes without saying, but I'll add, don't use your standard sunglasses or 3D glasses. I've also read that a welding mask may not even do the trick. Best bet is just to look at my sweet MS Paint project that I made. It's just as spectacular, it won't make you go blind and you don't have to wait a decade to see it again. Cool, right? For real, though. NASA will be livestreaming the event on their website, but I don't trust those guys after what they put Tom Hanks through in that movie about Apollo 13. I think it was called "The Space Guys Who Almost Died".