Man Saves A Woman's Life With CPR He Learned From...The Office

More proof that Michael Scott really was the Best Boss Ever.

Earlier this month a tire shop technician in Tucson, Arizona was test-driving a customer’s car when he noticed a vehicle on the side of the road with hazards on. The 21 year old named...get this Cross SCOTT pulled over to check in out because the car was still rolling forward. Scott placed a rock in front of one of the tires before he discovered the driver was an unconscious woman and her lips were blue.

Scott then grabbed a rock to smash the window, while two other bystanders called 911.
He checked her pulse and felt nothing, and wasn’t sure what to do next, as he has never prepared himself to perform CPR.

BUT THEN, Scott remembered that wonderful episode from the office where, Boss Man Michael Scott does chest compressions on a practice dummy to the beat of “Stayin’ Alive” during an in-office CPR training.

So, he did it! Cross Scott lowered the driver’s seat, leaned over the woman with his hands in position and began to actually sing out loud and pump, “Ah! Ha! Ha! Ha! Stayin’ alive! Stayin’ Alive!”

A short time later the woman was breathing, and within a few minutes paramedics arrived.
Paramedics claimed that if Scott hadn’t used his “The Office” CPR training the woman’s fate likely would have been different.

The Office saves lives you guys.