***NEW*** Use Google Maps for real time alerts on SPEED TRAPS!

Google what did we do without you?! We were scared and afraid. Wandering aimlessly in this world and LATE FOR EVERYTHING!

Google Maps has saved me more than once. Try like 1000 times. The other day it saved me from a speeding ticket! Using Google Maps to get me from A) to B) in St.Albert I was unfamiliar with the area and pulling up to the lights. To my surprise Google told me about a photo radar set up at the intersection. Delighted I let off the gas and coasted on through the intersection. To be clear it was not scene out of fast and furious. More like I didn't know the listed speed and wanted to make sure I wasn't going over. Either way JACKED! By the sounds of it the so is the Edmonton Police Dept. Sgt Kerry Bates says " If it slows people down and they know it's there, that's good. It's fine. It does the trick. So you’re going to go slowly and cautiously through there which, lo and behold, is actually what we want.” 

Cheers to technology and to YOU Google <3 

- Pam - 
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