Students Hack Into School Email System to Send Prank Email to Parents

It seems as though good ol' highschool pranks are still alive and well and still hilarious for schools in the states.

Pranks have been a long standing tradition for many schools sout of the border, and you gotta hand it to these kids...pretty hilarious!

Seniors at labelle Senior High School in Florida managed to hack into the school's computer system. The pranksters then email all staff, students and parents about a "Mandatory Penis Inspection."
The email explained that the inspection was, "in accordance with Florida Penal Health Code 69," hahaha Come on! This is good stuff.

The email went on to explain that any students who did not pass the inspection would be unable to graduate. 

The Dean of Students has since sent out an apology email and says the school is still investigating how the students were actually able to hack into the server.

The students were caught, suspended, fined, and will not be allowed to walk at their graduation.

Ouch. Worth it?


(via DailyMail)