The most EXCITING Price Is Right clip EVER! I think so anyways....

Seriously, what are the chances. 1 in a million. Here we are, it happened! 


10th anniversary of Drew Carry hosting they switched things up on the show. Any contestant who spun $1 on the wheel this week would get a $10,000 bonus instead of the usual $1,000. It's what happens next that will BLOW YOUR MIND. Along with Draw Carry's. Lol 

Three contestants -- Wilbert, Charlotte and Zacharia -- all nailed the $10k, but that was just the start. The tiebreaker spins led to even more money and yet ANOTHER tie.

Charlotte eventually won the whole thing, but everyone got the dough they spun. In total, 'PiR' doled out $80k ... the most ever given away on the wheel. Happy anniversary, Drew ... you broke the bank.

- Pam - 

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