The reason why Tesla stock dropped 6% following Elon Musk's chat with Joe Rogan!

Joe Rogan has made his name in the stand up comedy world but also in the podcast world. Almost a pioneer of sorts. With a variety of guests, from movie star Macaulay Culkin ,Jordan Peterson a Physocolgist from Toronto to Steven Tyler and many many more. See full list of guests HERE

It doesn't happen very often, (if ever) a guest like Elon Musk agrees to jump on the mic. If you don't know, Elon Musk is the inventor and CEO of Tesla Motors , mastermind of the first flame thrower (even though he denied it being labelled a flame thrower) , co-founder of PayPal and much more. Upon first listen I was put off by how Elon Musk replies to Joe Rogan surrounding his untimely response to questions. I learned quickly that's just how he's hard wired. Smart, curious, excitable, smart, inquisitive did I mention smart?! I was pondering life as I knew it. How I live my life and thinking about what it will look like when I leave it. Joe Rogan is a pot smoker in a state where it is legalized. He's been open about partaking in a little smoke from time to time. So when he pulls out a blunt it's no surprise when he offers it to Elon Musk. What was a surprise Elon accepted a puff. Nothing out the norm happened, not to his speech or his behaviour (as per the video). However since yesterday Tesla stock dropped 6%. Which mean some owners are selling or pulling their preorders on said vehicles over a little smoke. Following the podcast Elon Musk goes on the record to say he "didn't inhale". Either way if you ask me, it makes his a real dude. We've all dabbled in stuff, some building model cars others in marijuana. Dude has proved himself time and time again breaking glass ceilings through various ideas. LAY OFF! Only my opinion.... After listening, what's yours?! 


- Pam - 

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