$50,000 Name That Sound #10 Guesses

The TENTH $50,000 Name That Sound has not been named yet!

Here are all the INCORRECT guesses so far:


Friday, April 13:
11:30AM - Mike guessed "a paper towel dispenser" 
12:30PM - Marla guessed "slamming a car door"
1:30PM - Yemi guessed "a whoopie cushion" 
2:30 PM - Linda guessed 'when you put your time card in the time clock'
3:30 PM - Yemi guessed 'letting air out of a balloon'
4:30 PM - Matty guessed 'a jack in the box opening'
5:30 PM - Crystal guessed 'a cash register closing'
6:30 PM - Matt guessed 'dropping your phone' 
7:30 PM - Shannon guessed 'The lid on a toilet tank moving'

Monday, April 16:
6:30AM - Carson had no guess and hung up haha
7:30AM - Stacey guessed "using an impact wrench"
8:30AM - Dereck guessed "a golf bag tipping over"
9:30AM - Brandon guessed "arm on a slot machine"
10:30AM - Joe guessed "rolling down a car window" 
11:30AM - Jim guessed "closing the lid on a wooden chest"
12:30PM -  Richelle guessed "somebody pulling on a car door handle"
1:30PM - Amanda guessed "hanging up the telephone" 
2:30 PM - Brian guessed 'beverage container falling in a vending machine'
3:30 PM - Anne-Marie guessed 'squeezing the last out of a condiment bottle'
4:30 PM - Nicole guessed 'dead battery in vehicle and car won't turn over'
5:30 PM - Mike guessed 'the door stop spring behind your door'
6:30 PM - Joe guessed "closing the microwave door"
7:30 PM - Debra guessed "hitting a pothole"

Tuesday, April 17:
6:30AM - Marleene guessed "automatic car lock"
7:30AM - Trevor guessed 'closing a briefcase"
8:30AM - Tamara guessed "getting a coke from the vending machine"
9:30AM - Mark guessed "turnstyle"
10:30AM - Lewis guessed "shovelling snow" 
11:30AM - Dave guessed "pulling the E brake"
12:30PM - Steph guessed "closing a drawer" 
1:30PM - Todd guessed "pull starting a lawn mower"
2:30 PM - Dave guessed 'am old typewriter'
3:30 PM - Mike guessed 'putting your truck into gear'
4:30 PM - Lewis guessed 'the sound when you lock an Iphone'
5:30 PM - Lewis guessed 'throwing a bottle into a bin'|
6:30 PM - Lewis guessed "a stapler"
7:30 PM - Colin guessed "unlocking a padlock"

Wednesday, April 18:
6:30AM - Angie guessed "sewing machine"
7:30AM - Jay guessed "garberator" 
8:30AM -Jorey guessed "typewriter keys"
9:30AM - Carson guessed "door closing"
10:30AM - Devon (from local Calgary band, Volition) guessed "putting the coffee pot back in the coffee maker"
11:30AM - Desiree (and coworker Shannon) guessed "pulling a straw out of a take-out cup"
12:30PM - Dina and her dog Gracie-Bell guessed "feeding paper through a photocopier"
1:30PM - Tammy guessed "the spring lock on a suitcase" 
2:30 PM - Shannon guessed 'balls rolling out of a pay-pool table'
3:30 PM - Leeanne guessed 'a balloon deflating'
4:30 PM - Joey guessed 'the wash cycle of a washing machine'
5:30 PM - Curtis guessed 'windshield wipers on a dry windshield'
6:30 PM - ROSIE CORRECTLY GUESSED "Hole Punching Paper" and won $2900!!!


Congrats on your correct guess Rosie! "Hole Punching Paper" was the correct answer for $2900!