IT 2 star Jessica Chastain spoils that the sequel will have the most blood ever in a movie scene!

There is no official footage or photos of IT: Chapter 2 yet but Jessica Chastain who plays the adult role of Beverly Marsh told Jimmy Fallon that there's a scene that will show the most blood ever in a horror flick!

I'm thinking that's going to be a lot of blood because there are other movies providing the effect of legendary blood flow.

If you remember the IT: Chapter 1 scene with a young Beverly in the bloody bathroom:

...Or! what about The Shining hallway scene in the hotel!

That still creeps everyone out to this day:

...and yes the movie Carrie before she torches the place after getting hit with the pig-blood bucket:

We will all find out if this blood-scene is true when IT: Chapter 2 hits theaters September 6th