See a "closed" sign on a pathway in Calgary? Don't be a moron by ignoring them.

This is so, so frustrating to hear about.

 The City of Calgary put up a bunch of warning signs on pathways and parks about coyotes in the area last week in order to encourage people to not use those areas. The coyotes are currently "denning" and getting aggressive when they see people around, in an effort to protect their pups. 

 But since people have decided to IGNORE the signs, the city has had to close a number of pathways and parks for at least a month until the coyotes are done with the spaces. Obviously people can't respect the fact that the coyotes are trying to protect their pups, so the city is urging people to stop using those areas in an effort to protect the coyotes. If people continue to use the areas and the coyotes remain aggressive (wouldn't you be aggressive if you were trying to protect your baby?) the coyotes will have to be destroyed.

People are so selfish sometimes.

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