Could #YEG Host The 2020 Junos?

The last time Edmonton hosted the Junos, Nickelback was the "Group Of The Year"

And Chad Kroeger still had ramen hair:


So it miiiiiight be time for an update. 

The downside: Edmonton would have to pay for the party, and money is tight in the next four-year budget.

“There’s a $550,000 ask in this budget which we have yet to debate, and that may be contingent on the organizing committee,” Ward 6 Councillor Scott McKeen said.

However, Edmonton could potentially benefit financially from hosting the popular event. According to the city, Calgary felt at least a $3 million economic impact from hosting in 2016, and expects a similar impact would be seen by Edmonton.

“We’re looking forward to hearing what the city has to say,” Hill said. “And if they’re going to provide us with a commitment.”