Going Commando Is GOOD For You?

Maybe it's just me... But the idea of going underwear-less SCARES ME! 

But according to a group study between several UK institutions, going commando might just be the better way to live!



1. Comfortability - This one might be a give in, but every day life becomes a lot more comfertable when the lower region has the ability to breathe!

2. Prevention Of Infections - The groin being a natrually vulnerable area... By adding additonal layers of suffocation, you increase your chance of bumping into infections (such as UTI's!)

3. Physical Health - Ouch, if you're not wearing proper fitting underwear, you run the risk of causing nerve impingement, and (or) decreased circulation!

4. Economically Responsible - Did you know the average person spends $500+ a year on new underwear? Just imagine how much extra money you'd save!

5. You Become More Attractive? - Yeah, the study shows a lack of underwear = a bigger release of hormones (the thing that makes you irresistible to other people!)


Not sure if I'm gonna be trashing my underwear drawer any time soon, but interesting nonetheless!