WATCH: Taylor Swift Returns To Instagram, But What Does It Mean?

Last week, Taylor Swift deleted everything from her social media accounts causing fans worldwide ponder what she's up to. New music, taking a break, quitting music all together? For days there has been some wild theories. Today, she returns to her social with this cryptic post.

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But what does it mean? Some think it's a snake, some think it's a lizard or dragon tail. Now here's MY theory; Katy Perry is set to host the MTV Video Music Awards this year. All weekend Swifties have been doing some internet sleuthing and have determined that there's a very good chance that she will be making somewhat of a 'comeback' appearance on stage that evening. I think Katy and Taylor will publicly resolve their past and maybe (just MAYBE) even perform together. People have used the snake emoji for years when the two bite back at eachother (hence the tail on her Instagram and Twitter right now).

But that's just my theory.