An Eyebrow Story: How Mine Went From 'WTH Are Those?' To Fleeky. Yours Can, Too!

The 'Puberty Challenge' and the fact that eyebrows are now forever expected to be 'on fleek' [I know that's sooo 2016] have inspired me to show you that my eyebrows haven't always been awesome. I feel comfortable saying that because it has taken me years to perfect them, so when people say they like my eyebrows, I shout 'THANK YOU!' and mean it! 

Once upon a time I accidentally plucked a liiiiittle too much while on the phone with my then-bestie, Candice, in grade 8.


This was the outcome....


Yeah, barely there. 


That was cool [not really] for a while, but then I started penciling them in. Literally. One morning before school I lost my mind because I couldn't find my brow pencil [which was actually the cheapest eyeliner I could find at the I.D.A in Edmonton, Alberta.] SO, I used an HB pencil... a friggin' HB! Yeah, you know the ones you used on those tests where you have to fill in the dots for those machines to mark...


That didn't work, and so on another occasion when I did the same thing and couldn't find my pencil, I USED PURPLE EYELINER... FRIGGING PURPLE. That may fly now in 2017, but not back in the year 2000 in junior high. 








Somehow, someway, after years of experimentation, I finally found my perfect brow... and here we are today.



So, anyone struggling with figuring out how to do their 'perfect brow...' I FEEL YOU! And may the power be with you.