Did You Know Canada Has Different Gravity Than The Rest of the World?


Did you know Jamaica has the highest percentage of women managers globally?

Experts claim the rise in power for women there is partly due to improvements in female education but also because men straight up can't keep pace with the ladies.

If you've ever been to Jamaica, you'll notice everywhere is managed really well. Resorts, bars, businesses in general, over 60% are run by women and that number is rising.

So in other words men are slow... women are brighter and get the job done faster. Canada can learn from Jamaica.

Smart woman.



Did you know there's a job called a futurist where someone tries to determine what it would be like to live 10 to 25 years into the future?

There are over a thousand of these jobs in the world. General Motors, Ford and Intel are just three with this profession.

They usually model how people will interact with technology in the future based on science and some history. Advice from a futurist... Learn to program, learn to code. Take a computer school. They say in the future we're going to be SO technology based that everything we depend on could malfunction and you SHOULD know how to fix it.

Gas prices in Halifax meme.





Did you know, if you ever end up staring face to face with a lion, there's one thing you can do to hopefully distract them so you'll survive??

We've seen lion tamers do this before and it may shock some to know that it could work.

Grab a chair. Lion tamers use chairs because lions can only focus on one thing at the same time.

So the four legs of the chair confuse the lion and break its concentration rendering the lion harmless. This is from a lion tamer directly, but either way I wouldn't want to test it out.




Did you know parts of Canada have less gravity than the rest of Earth?

I thought this was fake news on the internet first, but I did some research. Although it’s not a major change, in certain parts of Canada a person weighing 150 pounds can find themselves to be a tenth of an ounce lighter.

The phenomenon was discovered back in the '60s. It's not 100 per cent proven why, but an explanation could be that mantle rocks underneath the earth's surface are slowly flowing downward.

A geophysicist in England compared the phenomenon to being on a raft in the rapids. If the water was flowing in a downward motion into a hole, the raft would be pulled down as well.

Gravity is different in Canada.

Science!! So let people know, Canada has different gravity... sometimes!!