Fun Facts for Spring


The Spring Equinox is finally upon us my friends!!

Did you know the Ancient Egyptians built the Great Sphinx so that it points directly toward the rising sun on the first day of Spring?

They were geniuses. The Sphinx and Pyramids are fascinating, aren't they? They were thought out really well and they align with star constellations in the sky.

The sun is exactly above the equator on the first day of Spring and the Sphinx is positioned in such a way so that Ancient Egyptians could tell that their food supplies would soon return.

The Sphinx



If you're a dog lover, there's one place in the world you definitely don't want to live.

Did you know in the capital city of Iceland, dogs are banned as pets?

Back in the 1920s, the city of Reykjavic banned keeping dogs as pets. What a sad land.

Technically they aren't illegal there anymore but if you do want a dog, you’ll need an annual permit, the doggy needs a microchip, many vaccinations, de-worming and always must be on a leash.

The effects of this shows to this day. There aren't many dogs in Iceland and it's been that way for almost 100 years. Word on the street there, cats are just thriving!

Cats were once gods.



Did you know that anyone living here in Canada can order a portrait of The Queen and have it shipped to their house for free?

It's the official Canadian portrait of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth the second, wearing her Canadian insignia.

Get this for your aunt for her birthday and pretend like you put some good money into it.

Free Queen photo.

Get yours HERE! All the cool kids are doing it!