Fun Facts That Will Change The Way You Think


Did you know sleeping through the night only became common within the last 200 years?

Before then, people had a "first" and "second" sleep, often working or reading in between sleeps.

They claim this is the way our bodies are wired. Sleeping at least every 12 hours. It especially explains why we may get really tired after lunch into the afternoon.

This stems back to ancient African and South American tribes having two sleeps.

Sleeping in Bed Meme



Did you know there's a difference between a graveyard and a cemetery?

A graveyard adjoins a church. A cemetery does not or… it shouldn't.

Also, you can bury ashes in a cemetery, you cannot in a graveyard.

That being said, the names HAVE been interchanged, so some cemetery's may actually have a church and wrongfully call itself a cemetery.

Here’s a photo of the Titanic Cemetery that was taken by Turk’s brother, Serkan Stage:

Titanic cemetery



Did you know that the Mongolian navy consists of a single tugboat manned by seven lucky sailors?

It gets worse, only one of the men can swim.

Apparently the water near Mongolia wouldn't be feasible for battle. No countries could invade from the water. This is what the boat may look like:

Small Boat

Either way, this is such a contrast for the country though, they almost ruled the entire world back in the 13th century with Genghis Khan. Then, they had the LARGEST navy in the world.