Having A Robot As A Side Piece…Is That Cheating?

Having A Robot As A Side Piece…Is That Cheating?

These sex dolls are almost the real deal, becoming more and more realistic every day. They can now communicate and respond to our questions, while have lifelike skin, hair, eyes, and body parts. The dolls these day's even have the warmth of a human being.

I can see the future now! Most everyone will have a doll, and the real life relationships will become a thing of the past! So…Let me ask you this one question! If you came home to find your partner with a doll that is as realistic as these are…Would you be upset? Although the doll has no real emotion, we have known humans to have unique emotions to unique objects.


They did a survey and asked people if they would consider it cheating, and here are the results.

40% of the people said having an affair with a robot, is not cheating in their book! Where do you stand on this?


Few interesting things they also found in the survey is as follows: 1 of 3 people would 100% hook up with a robot,


33% of the people said they could see themselves having a full blown relationship with a robot in 33 years.


And 30% of people said they would be completely blown away if a friend of theirs was in a relationship with one of these robots.