Top 10 SPRING Dates in Hali!

Spring has yet to be SPRUNG yet in Halifax but.. when the weather does get warm this list will come in handy! 


1.Silent Reading Night at The Good Robot. Great if you’re not good at date convo, this is literally exactly how it sounds. Grab a book order a beer and ignore each other for 2 hours.  

2.Couples Cooking classes at EnVie are amazing!  A great way to try some new recipes you won’t on your own, plus you get to EAT the amazing food you’ve made!

3.Trivia Nights! There are tons around the city and it’s a great way to get to know each other! My personal preference spots are; Freemans, The Board Room Café and The Fickle Frog

4.Halifax Comedy Fest is happening April 26th-29th with some CRAZY funny comedians coming to town! According to my MOM.. Laughing is a VERY powerful aphrodisiac. I agree.. TMI MOM! Get tickets to a show HERE

5.Hiking! You’ve been cooped up all winter long and Halifax has some AMAZING local trails! BONUS.. It’s free!

6.BEER TOURS! Yes, the folks at Halifax Food Tour have organized Beer BUS tours! You can find details HERE:

 7.The Board Room Café- Not ONLY do they host some amazing Trivia Nights but they are Probably THE BEST date spot! They supply the entertainment and food.. You just gotta bring the date!

8.Cosmic Bingo- Bingo with music and beer in the dark... Need I say more?

9.Floorbed movie day! My husband and I do this ALL THE TIME. We move our mattress onto the living room floor, get TONS of snacks and a stack of movies and spend the day not moving. It’s the best.

10. Get STEAMY with Sauna Nova Scotia! The unique mobile spa service has an amazing sauna, currently parked at 2616 Windsor Street. A 90-minute open sauna session for two is only $25 each!