Why Won't You Smile Kid?

Our twins Vienna and Violet are now almost 7 weeks old. We love ‘em, of course! My fiancée Polly keeps telling me that Violet is smiling at her quite often. I don’t really see it!

Baby smiles at Alex


I learned that babies are actually capable of their first few smiles as early as a month old. Before that, it’s probably a “milk smile.” A look of satisfaction.

Make some funny voices and faces to see if they are ready to smile.

A University in Finland did some research on babies smiling at music. They discovered that babies recognize music they may hear in the womb for up to 4 months after being born. The song that you heard during the pregnancy may even soothe a baby’s crankiness. I put on something really bumpin’ and Vienna gives me this look…

Vienna looks funny


Newborns can hear as well as we can. They jump a bit at almost anything. Not because it’s loud, but because it’s different to them. A baby can recognize their mom’s voice from a single syllable including right after birth. It’s actually the only sound they can recognize right away.

How long did it take for your baby to smile? I’m getting the hang of this Dad thing. Still can’t really swaddle to the point where they're satisfied though.


Alex can't swaddle these kids