Just how many people would break-up with someone, because their animal disliked them? Find Out Here!

As we talked about this morning on the show:


So who kicks rocks first…The pet, or the partner?

We all love animals and we all know how innocent they are. At the same time, we have a thing for trusting people to return the same type of love. Sometimes we find the perfect person, and sometimes we find ones that we can learn from.


Animals are a sure bet, and people are a gamble! So if it came down to who gets the boot…Which side of the tracks will the animal land? In a recent survey, 54% of people said they would break up with their partner “IF THEIR ANIMAL DID NOT LIKE THEM”.


This could be a bit extreme to breakup with someone, because your animal may bark at them, or stay far away from them. It does make you wonder though…Why? Some people believe animals have a sense that us humans don’t, and that they can feel things we can’t. So maybe…The animal dislikes the person, because they sense them to be bad people. Would you allow your animals feelings to tip you off, to the fact that you could be dating someone that will screw you over eventually?


If this person did not treat my dog with love and respect, they will be out quicker than Gizmo can put down a Scooby snack.