To Ghost Or Not To Ghost? That Is The Question...

On this morning's show we talked about whether or not you would prefer to be told the truth when things aren't working out with a new fling OR if you would prefer to just simply be 'ghosted.' Ghosted meaning you or the person you are seeing just disappear forever without a word of explanation [it happens more times than not now a days for all of you people in long-term relationships that may have not experienced this undesirable phenomenon.] 

Its actually been happening for all of time but in 2017 fashion it has been given a flashy name. 


Check out what a Twitter poll of you here in the HRM revealed... 



It's easy to say that we would all like the truth, but would we? I can honestly say I would appreciate it and I deliver it as well. If I don't see sparks I'll say it. This has led me, in some situations, to be called rude, or in some extreme cases, the 'b' word. I did not understand this because I think it is the exact opposite. 


You can also text in to us anytime about topics or just life in general to 101 101, here are some of the text we received on this topic this morning: 


"I ghosted a guy once like 3 years ago... now we live in the same building #awkward #arewestillonforsushi"


"Honesty is the best policy, but in my experience boys don't take rejection well. Some have resorted to name calling"


"I mean it would suck to hear but I'd prefer a girl just to tell me she's no longer interested then to just not hear from her again" 


"I went on a date with someone once and he said to me, to be honest I don't feel any spark, what do you think? I said yeah I totally agree. Then we decided to be friends and have been great friends ever since. We both liked each other as people, just not in a romantic way."


So, can you handle the truth? Or shall we just call you Casper and call it a day?