Can you understand this slang?

This whole list is courtesy of USA TODAY. You can check out the full list HERE and the video below:

I knew MAAAYBE four or five of this without looking at the definitions. How did you do? 

Fam - A person’s group of friends, but can also sometimes be used to reference just one member of that tight inner circle. Example: “What’s up, fam?”

Lit - Used to describe something that is hot and happening. Similar to “cool,” but with an added emphasis on the fact that it’s fresh and current. Example: “Jesse’s party last weekend was totally lit, why weren’t you there?”

Turnt - Describes an excessive state of excitement, hype, or overall craziness. When used to describe a person, it might also mean they’re intoxicated, either via alcohol or something else. Example: “You should have seen Casey at the game last night, she was turnt.”

AF - This is a bit of a weird one, since it’s never used on its own, but instead adds emphasis to something else. It’s short for “as f**k”, but it’s a cleaner way of saying it, and is a lot less likely to get a teen a scolding by their evil, evil parents! Example: “Omg, I stayed up to watch "The Bachelor" last night and now I’m tired af.”

Clap back - A snappy comeback. It’s the kind of response where you know exactly what to say to make the other person steam, and it’s the perfect way to win an argument. Example: “He kept teasing me, but he wasn’t expecting me to clap back!”

Savage - Someone who says something without a filter. If you’re “acting savage” you’re probably being more raw and public with your words or actions than people are comfortable with, though it can also be a compliment if you’re arguing with someone and drop a particularly great insult Example: “She just broke up with her boyfriend in the middle of the cafeteria while we all watched. Savage!”

Fire - This one is going to sound super obvious. I describes something that’s “hot.” In fact, it can be used almost universally interchangeably with “hot,” in terms of describing something that is new and awesome. Example: “Beyoncé’s new song is straight fire.”

Woke - “Woke” means you’re knowledgeable, aware, and “with it.” You’re not naive about the topic at hand and are above all smart and tactful.  Example: “If you care more about the Kardashians than the national housing crisis, you need to get woke.”

V - Easily the simplest term on this list to explain (and remember), “V” literally means “very,” providing emphasis to any statement. Example: “I saw him playing basketball at the gym last weekend, he’s v good.”

High Key - Saying something “high key” is saying it in a way that makes it clear you don’t care that everyone knows it. It’s the opposite of low key. Example: “Yo, high key, it’s almost midnight and I need to get some sleep.”

Low Key - Something you need to say or express but would prefer if nobody else knew about it. Kind of like asking someone to keep something “on the down low,” in that you don’t want them to tell anyone about it. The opposite of high key. Example: “Low key, she told me she’s breaking up with her boyfriend tomorrow.”