Josh Classen's forecast: Lucky Friday, warm weekend ahead


A warm and calm morning in Edmonton with some showers falling to the east and northeast of the city.

It won't be a complete washout of an afternoon.

But, we WILL see some increasing cloud and there MIGHT be a few showers that pass through the city late this morning or through this afternoon.

Temperatures and wind will be highly dependent on that precipitation.

I'll go with a high of 16 C. But, we could end up a couple degrees on either side of that depending on the timing of the showers (if we get any).

Wind will be light for much of the day. But, it'll get a bit gusty on the edges of the shower cells.

All in all...not a bad day in the Edmonton region.


Areas to the south and west have less of a precipitation risk today.

Scattered showers are most likely in areas of eastern Alberta from Medicine Hat north towards Smoky Lake.

As well, there's a decent chance of a few showers in the Grande Prairie and Slave Lake regions.

Overnight, it's the Whitecourt/Slave Lake region that has the best chance for some showers/rain.


The weekend looks great. Just a slight risk of a shower in the Edmonton region early Saturday morning.

(I'm tempted to completely leave that out of the forecast.)

Otherwise: partly cloudy and a high in the 15 C to 19 C range Saturday.

Sunny with a few clouds and a high near 20 C Sunday.


Monday should be up around 20 C as well. and THEN...things take a bit of a turn.

Cloudier, a chance of rain and cooler temperatures likely for Tuesday-Friday.

Daytime highs probably sit in the 10 C to 15 C range.

Warmer air looks set to roll in just in time for the May long weekend.


Here's the forecast for Edmonton:


Today - Increasing cloud through the morning.

Mostly cloudy this afternoon. 30% chance of a shower.

High: 16


Tonight - Mostly cloudy.

9pm: 12


Saturday - Slight risk of a shower early in the morning. Otherwise, Partly cloudy.

Morning Low: 5

Afternoon High: 17


Sunday - Sunny with a few clouds.

Morning Low: 4

Afternoon High: 20


Monday - Partly cloudy.

Morning Low: 8

Afternoon High: 21


Tuesday - Cloudy. 40% chance of rain.

Morning Low: 7

Afternoon High: 14


Wednesday - Cloudy. 40% chance of rain.

Morning Low: 4

Afternoon High: 12