Airline Allegedly Bans TikTok User Who Shared Free Carry-On Hack


Spirit Airlines has no patience for freebie fraud hacks. They have allegedly banned a TikTok user who shared a hack on the social media platform for how to score FREE carry-on luggage. 

TikTok user RobKAllDay, uploaded the video of his freebie hack in September where he manipulates the carry-on bag number on his digital boarding pass to read "1" instead of the "0."

In the caption, Rob K. claims he “didn’t actually” go through with his scheme.

That didn't fool Spirit! Rob K. later claimed that Spirit sent him a letter confirming that he was banned from flying with the carrier for at least two years.


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"As you know you created a video on the social media platform ‘TikTok’ showing users how to manipulate a Spirit Airlines boarding pass and fraudulently indicate they paid for a carry-on bag to the financial detriment of Spirit Airlines. Additionally, as evidenced in the video’s comments, you have also been advising users specifically on what cell phone application should download to carry out the scam."