Bar In The States Goes 'Open Bar' And Will Charge By the Hour


This just seems too good to be true!

A bar in Saint Louis, Missouri has recently opened with a new concept for patrons. They plan to charge pople by the hour and not by the drink!

As soon as people enter the bar, they can sign in for 'bar time' with their cellphone. Patrons can stay as long as they like for the 'open bar,' for $10/hour for premium drinks, $20 for top shelf.

The idea came from one of the owners while running for local office. When he would hold fundraising events, he would charge admission for an open bar and found it was a profitable business model. 

I still can't believe this is a thing...don't we all get so sloppy and over-served at open bars?

Well, to hopefully stay away from that a bar app keeps tabs on the patrons intakes and the system will scan the driver's license for height and weight to ensure a drink limit/hour to keep you within legal limits.

Again. Sign me up. 


via Open Concept STL