Divorce Registries - A New Trend To Help Restock After a Split


What did you lose in the divorce? Put it on the divorce registry!

A new trend is popping up among people who have recently been divorced: creating a registry for everything they lost in the break-up.

Apparently some people have used their Amazon wish lists for this, while a bunch of actual 'divorce-specific' platforms have popped up to provide the specific service. 

Launched in October 2021, Fresh Starts Registry allows someone to build a registry just like they did leading up to their wedding day. The site even has recommendations for products, divorce lawyers and therapists. 

So, would you make one?

Another upcoming platform, Divorcist, notes that their "mission is to make divorce and separation dignified. We’re trying to elevate divorce, separation and breakups to the same status as a life event. Not a happy one, but one that deserves recognition."