Mom Goes Viral For Using Push Ups As Punishment


Definite points for creativity!

A new friendship formed with 2 strangers all because one Mom applauded another's creative form of punishment.

Molly Wooden took her 2 kids to the bathroom at the Hobby Lobby in Killeen, Texas and happened to notice a 10 year old boy giving his Mom some attitude. So, what did the Mom do? Made her mouthy son drop and give her 10 pushups.

Wooden snapped a pic to show her husband, but ended up sharing the story on Facebook as well to applaud the Mother for staying so calm with her misbehaving son.

The post quickly went viral, and soon the 'Pushup Mother' - Nicki Harper Quinn heard from a friend that a picture of her parenting was blowing up online.

Quinn contacted Wooden through Facebook to say thank you for supporting her disciplinary tactics, and the 2 Moms have now met in real life!

“I immediately burst into tears and hugged her and said ‘Thank you for not shaming me. Molly and I are getting to know each other and trying to figure out where do we go from here. This has momentum.”

The 2 are in talks now of designing a T-Shirt and Quinn has started a blog after all the events. The random meeting might become something even bigger: The two might design T-shirts and Quinn has started a blog.