New Internet Challenge Involving Teens And Bleach...Great.


This isn't a great idea kids.

Do you know about Tik-Tok? It's one of the most popular apps worldwife, especially among teenagers. ...Just not in a good way.

Tik-Tok has been known to encourage some really awful ideas...earlier this week the app was banned by the Indian Supreme Court after a 19-year-old shot and killed his friend while filming a Tik-Tok video. (Read More Here)

Now, this NEW viral challenge on Tik-Tok is asking users to use "jelly, hand sanitizer, bleach and shaving cream," put it in a Ziploc bag and hold that bag against their eye for at least a minute. They claim this will change the colour of a single eye, optically.

You guys. I can't make this shit up.

DON'T PUT CHEMICALS NEAR YOUR EYES. Putting a chlorine-based chemical like bleach near your eye can potentially lead to skin and eye damage, not to loss.
This of course possible if the bag breaks or leaks.

Here's your lovely example. This teenage posted the video online and got thousands of views and likes.

What people don't realize, is apparently she is simply using the editing software that comes with Tik-Tok to give the illusion. 


via Newsweek
Image via @CowbellyTV