People Are Turning To YouTube To Perform Their Own Fecal Transplants


I'm going to go out on a limb here and say maybe any Medical Do-It-Yourself videos on YouTube probably aren't the greatest idea...

Doctors are worried about the rise of people looking into how to administer a fecal transplant.
The transplant is rumored to be a "cure-all" remedy for many illnesses. It requires a healthy person to donate their fecal matter, and it also requires you to put that fecal matter in a blender. The final step requires you to inject that blended...crap into your body via an enema.

Doctors are of course warning people to not trust what they see on YouTube.

Apparently the actual procedure is quite costly and has shown some early positives for a vast list of medical problems. (that explains the do-it-yourself)
Doctors also claim, "it's no silver bullet." (via New York Post)