Sneak Peek: What to expect when you return to Vegas


Vegas opens June 4th! But it's not going to be business as usual. Here's a few note worthy tips on what to expect:

  • Only a “fraction” of the 150,000 available hotel rooms will be ready to open by this week — and those open will be operating with a standardized cleaning protocol
  • Employees at casinos will wear face masks, while patrons will be strongly encouraged to do so (but not required)
  • Thermal imaging cameras will be used at some resorts Pool access will return, but on a reduced schedule and capacity
  • Nightclubs, shows and adult entertainment are closed for now, along with sporting events with fans
  • Social distancing requirements at casinos means no more standing around blackjack tables, limited space at craps tables and every other slot machine will be turned off
  • No buffets, and all restaurants will be on a reservation system
  • Mobile Check-In. Download the app and go straight to your room. 

To give you an idea, attached is the casino floor at the Bellagio.






Even the new promotional material for Vegas has been adjusted to todays climate. #OnlyYou

- Pam - 

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