Taylor Swift fans are PISSED at TOOL! Even though they have NO IDEA who TOOL is! HA


One of the biggest artists in the world has fans so loyal they're taking to Twitter. Looking to defend Taylor Swifts title as #1 album on The Billboard Charts and Apple Music. Taylor's new album was release Friday Aug 23rd and was TOOL's new album Fri Aug 30th, one week apart. If you don't know TOOL fans have been waiting for this album for 13yrs. On top of that during that period Maynard (Front man of TOOL) would tease a new album was in the works. It got to the point where it's like, don't tell me - SHOW ME! Since the release of TOOL's album it's been getting rave reviews surpassing expectations of super fans around the world. Hence why Taylor Swift fans are voicing displeasure on Twitter. Encouraging others to keep spinning her album to ensure she doesn't lose the coveted spot that is #1. 

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