Woman may face jail time for not returning library books


I'd go so far as to say 80% of people have FAILED to.... return a library book and/or movie (from back in the day when you can rent them). 

I've done both, kept a book and a movie. Not on purpose but found them later on. After paying the late fees of course. This woman from Michigan is facing charges and possibly jail time for not returning 2 library books that were over due. Once notified she saw them in her book self and returned them to the library. A few weeks later her boss called to promote her but said he couldn't because there's a warrant for her arrest relating to the over due library book fees. As he found out trying to conduct a background check. 

She's headed to court in the next upcoming weeks and hope this headache gets put to rest. 

More on the story HERE 

Closest you've ever been to being arrested?

- Pam - 
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