Developers could sue Montreal over plans for huge park in West Island


The city of Montreal could be sued over its plans to create a major urban park in the West Island.

The park could block a proposed housing project in western Pierrefonds. Its developers have sent the city a lawyer's letter.

While the Cap Nature project was championed by the previous Coderre administration, the current Plante administration has repeatedly said it's not for them.

"If the city of Montreal does not wish this project to occur or to be built, they will, as my clients allege in a letter of demand, have to compensate my clients for the 14 years of effort, dispersements, taxes that were paid and the value of their land," said lawyer for the developers Ali Argun.

"My clients don't understand how after 14 years this has not yet come to light."

5500 housing units are featured in the project by Développements Pierrefonds Inc, Les Immeubles L'Équerre and Quartier de l'Ouest de l'Île.

Mayor Plante had said last week on the AaronRand Show that there would be no expropriation involved and that she hoped to speak with the developers in a bid to come to some middle ground.

"I will be talking with those promoters. I will bring them with me, that's my hope," said Plante.

Argun said that's news to his clients.

The city has until the end of the month to officially respond.

"If the project is not built, the city's taxpayers will have to foot the bill for the indemnification of the damages that the city has caused to my clients after inciting them over 14 years to develop the project," said Argun.

The city said in a statement they're studying the lawyer's letter but that they intend to push forward with the park project.