FUN: It's just water... I swear


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When my son started kindergarten his teacher asked us to make sure he had a reusable water bottle with him so he could have water anytime he wants without having to get up every 20 seconds. In fact all of his teachers have asked that. He's now in Grade 4 and he still forgets it every day.

Not this little one. They made sure to fill up a bottle with water before leaving for school... Just not the bottle you want your kid bringing to school.


"it's WATER" ?? (ig: @nicnicdarville)

? original sound - Betch

Animal therapy is a real thing. Animals just have a way of making us feel better. That though does not appear to be the case with this Grandpa and these dogs. I'm not sure what his problem is with the dogs but I think he'd be better off without the visit.

@sasha_darley Don’t think my granddad was a fan of my frenchies ?? ?? #frenchie #granddad #funny #viral #fyp #foryou #swearing ? original sound - Sasha Darley