FUN: Just drop the bag


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I love animals. All animals. If I see an animal, any animal, there's a really high chance I'm going to try and pet it. This has led to me having some amazing experiences with many different creatures, but it also means I've been bitten by a lot (I mean A LOT) of animals along the way. Still though, I'm always happy to meet a new animal.

This young woman is the complete opposite. 

Now in this case there is a pretty simple solution to her personal terrifying ordeal, toss the food out the window. I have witnessed this exact situation at Omega Parc about a dozen times and the solution is always the same: leave the food and the animal leaves you alone. This woman didn't and it's led to a very popular video online.

@betch the ostrich just wanted to eat ?? (via: @cocochloeb ? original sound - Betch

All this next woman was trying to do was break up a cat fight. Her cat and a neighbour cat were just not getting along. But after pulling her feline friend off of the fence she didn't realize that a new challenger had appeared.


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