FUN: What would dogs say if they could talk?


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I don't know about you but I have always wondered what my pets would say if they could talk. It's a question I think many ask themselves all the time. One man decided to ask people on the street what they thought.

@farbsy If dogs could talk, what would they say? Part 2 #dogs #dogsoftiktok #interviews #ifdogscouldtalk #farbsyslunchbreak #funny ♬ original sound - Farbsy

One woman really had some thoughts weighing on her though.

@farbsy If dogs could talk, what would they say? #dogs #dogsoftiktok #funny #interviews #onthestreet #farbsy #farbsyslunchbreak @Bruce ♬ original sound - Farbsy

I've heard squirrels in my backyard before. They have never made THIS sound.