FUN: Why I had to get rid of all my Nerf guns


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When my son was born I was super excited for when he would be older and we'd get to play together with all the cool toys we'd find at the store. I was stoked when my wife bought me a pack of 5 Nerf guns and about 100 extra darts to go with them. My son and I would have Nerf wars in my basement. But, they would ALWAYS end the same way: Me nailing him in the face with a dart.

I know I'm not the only one. This video proves it, and the thousands of comments and shares that just read "SAME" make me feel a lot better about my impressive albeit dangerous aim.

@caitlyn.jaye Nah this is hilarious ?? #fyp #besttia ? original sound - CAITLYN JAYE

Not everything on the internet has to be cute animals and people doing stupid things (the majority is, but not everything).

Every once in a while you find a video that hits ya right in the feels and this is one of those.

Emily Sisco's dad suffered a stroke in 2014 that left him left arm paralyzed. One day, years later, he told her the thing he missed the most was giving his grandsons a real hug. So, with a little help and some trial and error, Emily created a "Hugger" that gave her dad the chance to do it again.

@emilysisco1 Watch my dad hug his grandsons for the first time since his stroke in 2014. Special thanks to my OTA students for creating this! #arkansas #grandpa #fyp #therapy #stroke #rehabilitation #arkansasstateuniversity #astate ? original sound - Emily Sisco