FUN: Why run home when you can roll?


Welcome to the Right Foot, a segment featured every morning on CJAD 800's Andrew Carter Morning Show to help you start your day with a smile and get you off on, well, the right foot. As a soccer coach I have been known to yell "RUN!" every once in a while. But I've never had my any of my players break out into somersaults while on a breakaway. This little guy is both loving life and having a blast, or he's the biggest showboat in the world. In case you're wondering: he was safe, his team won the game, and finished 2nd in the tournament.


@crystallou8 He's so entertaining to watch! Coaches were begging him to run. #fyp #tball #lucky #SmellLikeIrishSpring #funny #foryou #fyp ? original sound - Crystallou


One of the latest viral "challenges" isn't as much of a challenge as it is just an excuse to smack people in the face with a water bottle. The idea is to attach a bottle of water to a ceiling fan by a string. One or more people wearing blindfolds must then stand in its path and try to dodge the bottle as it is flung around. It ALWAYS results in people being hit. Some videos are made with water balloons so there's a nice splash when it hits with enough force. This one is just a dad who doesn't understand the point of it all but never bothers to get out of the way and continues to get hit... over and over and over again.



bill didn't get the memo

? original sound - nikkijones0908