FUN: You too can be a Trombone Champ


Welcome to the Right Foot, a segment featured every morning on CJAD 800's Andrew Carter Morning Show to help you start your day with a smile and get you off on, well, the right foot.

Many moons ago I worked on a video game you may have heard of: Guitar Hero. It was a cool game that allowed every day people to feel like a rock star. Eventually Rock Band would come along and be way cooler, but Guitar Hero still had its time.

Now it's 2022 and guitars are over, the new hotness is trombones! 

Trombone Champ is a new video game that is taking over social media with some amazing clips, not because of how it sounds when you do good, but for how hilarious the game is when you're terrible at it.

Yes, everything in this video has been debunked. It's all fake. The guy isn't even a security guard, he's a "ghost hunter" that was arrested earlier this year.

Still, even knowing the video is a hoax it's pretty damn scary.