Back on the slopes!


Well, here we go. Fantastic news...we're back on the slopes after 6 weeks on the Covid shelf. 

Premier Ford made skiers and boarders a very happy bunch last Monday announcing that all ski hills will re open with Covid restrictions. 

Actually, these were all in place before the lock down so many resorts are just picking up where they left off.  All ski resorts over December and early January had amazing protocol and will continue to practice safe skiing.  We ask everyone to play by the rules because the Covid police will be watching and monitoring each resort on a weekly basis. They can shut down a resort as fast as opening one. 

In a  nutshell...We're all in this together. Wear masks in line ups and in chalets or any public area.  You can take off the mask to ski but then immediately put on for line ups. 

Only families can ride chairs together but if you're a single skier on a 6 person chair...3 people can ride with a space between each. 

There will be no storage and limited food service so your vehicle will be your locker room and cafeteria. 

I suggest making a lunch and enjoying any time of day in the parking lot. 

Some resorts will be offering food service but check before arriving. 

Some resorts will be offering lessons and all resorts will  have rentals. 

As for season passes, each resort is different so once again call ahead and if you're a day must purchase in advance with limited numbers offered each day.

There will be no same day tickets sold...only pre-purchased. 

OK, as for skiing it's going to be an incredible reboot...conditions are fantastic right across the board with new snow and enough snow to last us through Easter. There's that much snow on the hills....all resorts are full operation on machine groomed powder. 

Watch for the NEWSTALK Pizzaville Audi Etron on Saturday at Mt St Louis/Moonstone then Sunday at Horseshoe Valley to win a $25 gift card from Pizzaville.  Try their personal pizzas...Soprassata is my favourite....There's also family combos to enjoy...It's easy to order... #3636 on your cell...on your Pizzaville app or Have a safe and happy weekend and we'll see you on the slopes!