$100,000 Name That Sound #1 Guesses

100k Name That Sound Incorrect Guesses Trending CJAY 92 Calgary

The FIRST $100,000 Name That Sound has not been guessed yet! Check out all the incorrect guesses inside.

Here are all the incorrect guesses so far:

Monday, August 31:

6:30 AM - Ian guessed "a stapler'
7:30 AM - Joe guessed 'opening a newspaper'
8:30 AM - Ryan guessed 'a dog sneezing'
9:30 AM - Kalina guessed 'pepper grinder'
10:30 AM - Travis guessed "twisting the top of a pill bottle" 
11:30 AM - Tony guessed "JD pulling the velcro off his shoes"
12:30 PM - Curtis guessed "ripping off a piece of saran wrap"
1:30 PM - Kenny guessed "putting a handful of change into a glass jar"
2:30 PM - Kathy guessed 'scissors cutting paper'
3:30 PM - Graham guessed 'raking leaves'
4:30 PM - Daryl guessed 'cracking a beer'
5:30 PM - Jami guessed 'shaking a maraca'
6:30 PM - Robert guessed 'twisting open a bottle of pop'
7:30 PM - TJ guessed 'a sound from an iPhone'  

Tuesday September 1st!

6:30AM - Shane guessed 'razor blade swiping'
7:30AM - Sarah guessed 'shuffling poker chips'
8:30AM - Hot Guy Kenneth guessed 'velcro'
9:30AM - Coldpitz guessed 'duct tape'
10:30 AM - Brian guessed "pushing the nozzle on a shaving cream can"
11:30 AM - Don guessed "a squirt out of an aerosol can" 
12:30 PM - Andrew guessed "a walkie talkie cut off"
1:30 PM - Allen guessed "ripping velcro"
2:30 PM - Tyler guessed 'holding a cup to an ice dispenser on the fridge'
3:30 PM - Diane guessed 'spraying or pumping hand sanitizer'
4:30 PM - Ronnie guessed 'shaving cream coming out of a can'
5:30 PM - Megan guessed 'pulling off a wax strip'
6:30 PM - Zoe guessed 'crumpling up a piece of paper'
7:30 PM - Brock guessed 'taking the cd out of a cd player'

Wednesday September 2nd!

6:30AM - Richard guessed 'the tire inflation chuck'
7:30AM - Steven guessed 'radio static' 
8:30AM - Ms. Blaze guessed 'sandpaper'
9:30AM - Trucker Jordan guessed 'animal sneezing' 
10:30 AM - Lisa guessed "biting a chip"
11:30 AM - Jeremy guessed "an automatic air freshener inside a bathroom"
12:30 PM - Tanner guessed "ripping tin foil out of the box" 
1:30 PM - Tony guessed "running your finger down a comb"
2:30 PM - Dean guessed 'peeling masking tape off the roll'
3:30 PM - Sarah guessed 'shaking dice in a cup'
4:30 PM - Matheus guessed 'stopping on ice skates'
5:30 PM - Andi guessed 'putting your hand under an automatic soap dispenser'
6:30PM - Ripping Tape Off A Box
7:30PM - Cheese String Wrapper

Thursday September 3rd!

6:30AM - Carrie guessed 'tap running'
7:30AM - KADAPANG!!!!!!! guessed 'clippers to shave Jesse's head'
8:30AM - Mike guessed 'crumpling a chip bag'
9:30 AM - Joe guessed shaking a toothpick container
10:30 AM - Kimm guessed "an air compressor shooting air" 
11:30 AM - Elissa guessed "turning on an electric salt grinder"
12:30 PM - Tracey guessed "opening the curtains" 
1:30 PM - Miles guessed "an automatic soap dispenser dispensing soap"
2:30 PM - Shannon guessed 'ripping a piece of paper'
3:30 PM - Jessica guessed 'turning the dial on a washing machine'
4:30 PM - Kent guessed 'pulling tape off a roll'
5:30 PM - Neil guessed 'ripping paper of some sort'
6:30 PM - Sean guessed 'paper being ripped on a paper guillotine'
7:30 PM - Brian guessed 'a hairspray bottle'

Friday September 4th!

6:30AM - Colin guessed 'pumping some hand sanitizer'
7:30 AM - Ryan guessed 'brushing a comb through your hair'
8:30 AM - David guessed 'ripping a piece of paper from a coil book'
9:30AM - John guessed 'twisting a pencil in a pencil sharpener'
10:30 AM - Amanda guessed "crunching a potato chip"
11:30 AM - Donnie guessed "ripping the paper seal off a pringles container" 
12:30 PM - Mike guessed "opening up an aluminum can with a pull tab"
1:30 PM - Coreen guessed "cracking an egg"
2:30 PM - Daniel guessed 'setting off a fire extinguisher'
3:30 PM - Kody guessed 'opening a large ziplock bag'
4:30 PM - Ian guessed 'blowing into a blow dart gun'
5:30 PM - Amanda guessed 'spreading butter on really crispy toast'
6:30 PM - Andrew guessed 'shaking a tic-tac bottle'
7:30 PM - Wanda guessed 'a coffee grinder'

Tuesday September 8th

6:30AM - Zach guessed 'typewriter'
7:30 AM - Tim guessed 'air pressure checker for a tire'
8:30 AM - Josh guessed 'chalk on a chalkboard'
9:30 AM - Brandon guessed 'someone sneezing' 
10:30 AM - Curtis guessed "twisting the money dial on a gumball machine"
11:30 AM - Eric guessed "a match getting lit"
12:30 PM - Michelle guessed "pulling a knife through a sharpener"
1:30 PM - Megan guessed "a nail gun at a construction site"
2:30 PM - Jen guessed 'a chewing gum bubble popping'
3:30 PM - Tom guessed 'twisting a pepper grinder'
4:30 PM - Jeff guessed 'an air release after pumping up a tire'
5:30 PM - Shannon guessed 'opening a can of pop after shaking it'
6:30 PM - Cameron guessed 'nails scratching on a chalkboard'
7:30 PM - Irving guessed 'shuffling a deck of cards'

Wednesday September 9th

6:30AM -  Clay guessed 'flicking a lighter'
7:30 AM - Tamara guessed 'slurping a slurpee from a straw'
8:30 AM - J Dogg guessed 'scraping ice off a windshield'
9:30 AM - Chd guessed 'old school punching game sound effect'
10:30 AM - Tracy guessed "locking or unlocking a vehicle door"
11:30 AM - Carl guessed "the shaking of a pill bottle"
12:30 PM - Garrett guessed "someone taking a tissue out of a Kleenex box"
1:30 PM - Chris guessed "shaking a tic tac box"
2:30 PM - Shannon guessed 'a mouse trap catching a mouse'
3:30 PM - Sean guessed 'fabric tearing. Like someone splitting their pants'
4:30 PM - Tyler guessed 'peeling the plastic off of a hand sanitizer bottle'
5:30 PM - Dan guessed 'pulling the record needle from vinyl'
6:30 PM - Robert guessed 'ripping a receipt from a cash register'
7:30 PM - Jennifer guessed 'a spraying a can of silly string' 

Thursday September 10

6:30 AM -  Ryan guessed 'snapping pasta in half'
7:30 AM - Steve guessed 'record playing on a turntable'
8:30 AM - Cam guessed 'ripping open a popcorn bag'
9:30 AM - Dan guessed 'AC/DC Back In Black'
10:30 AM - Colin guessed "marbles in a jar"
11:30 AM - Katryna guessed "running your finger down your keyboard"
12:30 PM - Terry guessed "peeling a label off a box"
1:30 PM - Matthew guessed "pulling a disinfectant wipe out of the container"
2:30 PM - Garrett guessed 'putting the kickstand on your bike up or down'
3:30 PM - Travis guessed 'somebody snivelling'
4:30 PM - Ryan guessed 'crushing an egg'
5:30 PM - Jodi guessed 'using a coffee grinder to grind beans'
6:30 PM - Jody guessed 'squeezing a plastic water bottle'
7:30 PM - Kyle guessed 'a rachet type noise maker'

Friday September 11

6:30 AM -  Sherry guessed 'cash drawer closing'
7:30 AM - Owen guessed 'opening the utensils drawer'
8:30 AM - Nickel guessed 'breaking glass'
9:30 AM 0 Steve guessed 'velcro'
10:30 AM - Derek guessed "tightening your gas cap"
11:30 AM - Leesa guessed "pushing the release button on the C Train"
12:30 PM - Mackenzie guessed "a spur on a cowboy boot spinning" 
1:30 PM - Kevin guessed "opening an envelope with a knife"
2:30 PM - Melissa guessed 'spraying a wasp nest with foam'
3:30 PM - Tamara 'when you first trigger the spray hose on your sink'
4:30 PM - Sean 'the shovel sound when you're shovelling snow'
5:30 PM - Carly guessed 'pulling a hand brake'
6:30 PM - Kelly guessed 'lighting a blowtorch'
7:30 PM - Reginald guessed 'pulling a knife out of a sharpener'

Monday September 14th 

6:30 AM - Alex guessed 'salt grinder'
7:30 AM - Kristen guessed 'pulling off a post it note'
8:30 AM -  Terry guessed 'a shovel digging dirt'
9:30 AM - Leesa guessed 'tape measurer'
10:30 AM - Jim guessed "spraying hairspray"
11:30 AM - Jana guessed "cracking an egg into a hot pan"
12:30 PM - Haylee guessed "breaking celery"
1:30 PM - Danielle guessed "dispensing shaving cream out of a can"
2:30 PM - Linda guessed 'ripping off a band aid'
3:30 PM - Jordan guessed 'someone shooting a spitball'
4:30 PM - Robert guessed 'retracting a tape measure'
5:30 PM - Reginald guessed 'zippering up a zipper'
6:30 PM - Christine guessed 'wiper blades clearing ice off a window'
7:30 PM - Cam guessed 'over tightening an Advil container'

Tuesday September 15th

6:30 AM - Bill guessed 'cracking a glowstick'
7:30 AM - Bolton guessed 'hand foam sanitizer'
8:30 AM - Non Hoser Cam guessed 'backspace on a typewriter'
9:30 AM - Aaron guessed 'toothpick shaker'
10:30 AM - Bryan guessed "twisting and cracking an ice cube tray"
11:30 AM - Michelle guessed "pulling the plastic ring off a new milk jug"
12:30 PM - Jason guessed "opening a ziploc bag"
1:30 PM - Shane guessed "biting into some celery"
2:30 PM - Andrea guessed 'tightening a nut with a socket wrench'
3:30 PM - Skyler guessed 'releasing a bike tire pump from the tire'
4:30 PM - Frank guessed 'tearing the top off a Kleenex box'
5:30 PM - Kent guessed 'tearing off a wax strip'
6:30 PM - Abdul guessed 'someone sneezing'
7:30 PM - Tamara guessed 'A glass cutter cutting glass'

Wednesday September 16th

6:30 AM - Mason guessed 'pulling a surgical mask out of the box'
7:30 AM - Eric guessed 'inhaler'
8:30 AM - The Pilkster guessed 'unscrewing a cork from a bottle'
9:30 AM - Nick guessed 'radio static' 
10:30 AM - Sarah guessed "a blender blending something"
11:30 AM - Tyler guessed "ripping tinfoil off the roll"
12:30 PM - Judy guessed "letting air out of a balloon" 
1:30 PM - Anna guessed "hitting the key on an old cash register"
2:30 PM - Kenny guessed 'ripping a cardboard box'
3:30 PM - Jeff guessed 'someone snorting back a snot rocket'
4:30 PM - Brian guessed 'turning off a faucet'
5:30 PM - Mike guessed 'grinding coffee beans in a coffee grinder'
6:30 PM - Dion guessed 'a lid off a water bottle with a rubber seal'
7:30 PM - Shawna guessed 'nail filer, filing nails'

Thursday September 17th

6:30 AM - Stephen guessed "paper clips in a plastic jar"
7:30 AM - Shane guessed "ripping a piece of tape off of a box"
8:30 AM - Jarrett guessed "skates stopping on ice"
9:30 AM - Tim guessed "pulling the plug on an air mattress"
10:30 AM - Shawn guessed "scraping ice off a windshield"
11:30 AM - Cory guessed "a salt/pepper mill"
12:30 PM - Melissa guessed "spraying cleaning product onto something"
1:30 PM - Travis guessed "flicking a bic"
2:30 PM - Travis guessed 'resetting the score on a foosball table'
3:30 PM - Jeffery guessed 'spraying bug spray'
4:30 PM - Judy guessed 'ripping toilet paper off the roll'
5:30 PM - Steve guessed 'scissors cutting hair'
6:30 PM - Prestine guessed 'Pulling the lever on a slot machine' 

7:30 PM - Tana guessed 'Fruit roll-up being pulled from the plastic'

Friday September 18th

6:30 AM - Justin guessed "opening blinds"
7:30 AM - Sean guessed "plugging something into an amp"
8:30 AM - Tony guessed "cranking up the dial on a toaster oven" 
9:30 AM - Dylan guessed "hole puncher" 
10:30 AM - Michelle guessed "letting the air out of a tupperware container" 
11:30 AM - Devin guessed "dropping paperclips into a bowl" 
12:30 PM - Logan guessed "a fidget spinner"
1:30 PM - Ryan guessed "fastening a zip tie"
2:30 PM - Brendan guessed 'thumbing the edges of a book'
3:30 PM - Amanda guessed 'opening venetian blinds'
4:30 PM - Wanda guessed 'when you try to start your car and it's already running'
5:30 PM - Cameron guessed 'the sound your starter makes when you start it when it's running'...seriously...
6:30 PM - Cory guessed 'T-shirt cannon shooting a T-shirt into a bunch of cardboard people'

7:30 PM - Garrett guessed 'ripping a dog poop bag off the roll' 

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