$100,000 Name That Sound #1 Guesses

100k Name That Sound Incorrect Guesses Trending CJAY 92 Calgary

The FIRST $100,000 Name That Sound has not been guessed yet! Check out all the incorrect guesses inside.

Here are all the incorrect guesses so far:

Monday, February 22:
6:30 AM - Blake guessed 'clicking a keyboard'
7:30 AM - Charlie guessed 'turning a chair on something'
8:30 AM - Ryan guessed 'a vibrator low on batteries'
9:30 AM - Matt guessed 'keys on a keyboard'
10:30 AM - Daniel guessed "a sewing machine"
11:30 AM - Jason guessed "Tightening a gas cap"
12:30 PM - Marni guessed "running your finger down the edge of a comb"
1:30 PM - Jesse guessed "a stun gun"
2:30 PM - Gerald guessed 'a woodpecker'
3:30 PM - Tanya guessed 'spinning a prize wheel'
4:30 PM - David guessed 'putting a coin into a vending machine and turning it'
5:30 PM - Shannon guessed 'walking on creaky stairs'

Tuesday, February 23:
6:30 AM - Brett guessed 'automatic sprinkler'
7:30 AM - Denis guessed 'roulette wheel spinning'
8:30 AM - Chopper guessed 'trying to start a car with a dead battery'
9:30 AM - Brad guessed 'tightening a car seat'
10:30 AM - Kyle guessed "turning a can opener"
11:30 AM - Jade guessed "a ping pong ball hitting a table"
12:30 PM - Shauna guessed "turning a bubble gum machine"
 1:30 PM - Chantelle guessed "a revolver"
2:30 PM - Kevin guessed 'holding an articulating fan until it clicks'
3:30 PM - Ivan guessed 'turning the knob on a gumball machine'
4:30 PM - Chris guessed 'setting a parking brake in a car'
5:30 PM - Aaron guessed 'a car going over a rumble strip'

Wednesday February 24:
6:30 AM - Callum guessed 'running your finger down a filing cabinet'
7:30 AM - Mellissa guessed 'winding a boat crank'
8:30 AM - Oliver guessed 'setting a kitchen timer'
9:30 AM - David guessed 'turning the knob on a washing machine'
10:30 AM - Neil guessed "a socket wrench"
11:30 AM - Keri guessed "tightening a zip tie"
12:30 PM - Greg guessed "using a ratchet"
1:30 PM - Nick guessed "pulling the tab off a new milk jug"
2:30 PM - Errin guessed 'an advance gear for a shutter on a camera'
3:30 PM - Dean guessed 'tapping your fingers on a desk'
4:30 PM - Paul guessed 'someone running a stick down a fence'
5:30 PM - Brett guessed 'a tickertape machine'

Thursday February 25
6:30 AM - Rob guessed 'rolling the elastic off a poster'
7:30 AM - Dakota guessed 'twisting the knob on a gumball machine' 
8:30 AM - Dexter guessed 'adjusting a hard hat'
9:30 AM - Tony guessed 'tightening a ratchet strap'
10:30 AM - Adam guessed "twisting a gas cap on a car"
11:30 AM - Christine guessed "a paintball gun shooting"
12:30 PM - Meagan guessed "a roller coaster harness"
1:30 PM - Matthew guessed "chopping vegetables on a cutting board"
2:30 PM - Dwayne guessed 'hitting the keys on a keyboard'
3:30 PM - Chris guessed 'a Fisher Price Viewfinder'
4:30 PM - Janet guessed 'turning the dial on a safe'
5:30 PM - Wade guessed 'walking on a creaky hardwood floor'

Friday February 26th

6:30 AM - Jenn guessed 'spinning the numbers on a combo lock'
7:30 AM - Kaderhagen guessed 'over winding a wind up toy'
8:30 AM - Adam guessed 'child lock pill bottle when you turn it'
9:30 AM - Lex guessed 'turning the dial on a washing machine'
10:30 AM - Todd guessed "pulling out an air hose from the lock"
11:30 AM - Cam guessed "turning on a propane stove"
12:30 PM - Katelyn guessed "opening or closing an xacto knife"
1:30 PM - Nic guessed "the ringer when you're FaceTiming someone"
2:30 PM - Geoff guessed 'shuffling cards'
3:30 PM - Jim guessed 'a cable tie'
4:30 PM - Heather guessed 'the correction ribbon on an electric typewriter'
5:30 PM - Travis guessed 'a paper towel dispenser'

Monday, March 1

6:30 AM - CJ guessed 'turning the knob on a washing machine'
7:30 AM - Derek guessed 'turnstile' 
8:30 AM - Nikki guessed 'a printer calculator'
9:30AM - David guessed 'dominos falling'
10:30 AM - Warren guessed "trying to start a car with a dead battery"
11:30 AM - Sergio guessed "ripping the cover off of a spiral notebook"
12:30 PM - Amber guessed "scrolling on a mouse"
1:30 PM - Jared guessed "a reel for an extension cord"
2:30 PM - James guessed 'a typewriter'
3:30 PM - Calvin guessed 'a bill counter counting money'
4:30 PM - Amy guessed 'trying to take off a child-proof cap'
5:30 PM - Brian guessed 'ripping the tab off a milk carton'

Tuesday March 2

6:30 AM - Curtis guessed 'pulling the handle down on a toaster'
7:30 AM - Zachary guessed 'disposable camera'
8:30 AM - Nate guessed 'hand drum'
9:30 AM - Jason guessed 'gear changer on a bike'
10:30 AM - Elliot guessed "tightening snowboard bindings".....AND WON $4,800!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!