Aerosmith Will Release Recordings From 1971 on Record Store Day!


Aerosmith recently came across some tape that hadn't been touched in decades.

The recordings took place back in 1971 when the band were living together in Boston.

On the tape, 7 songs were found including an early version of Dream On and a version of  Movin' Out which sounds a lot like the album version that came out two years later....


Aerosmith - 1971: The Road Starts Hear will be available on November 26th at select record stores for Record Store Day.

These recording were made a year before they were discoverd by Columbia Records. 

Other songs included will be early versions of: 

Side A:

1. Intro - Somebody
2. Reefer Head Woman
3. Walkin' The Dog

Side B:

1. Movin' Out
2. Major Barbara 

3. Dream On
4. Mama Kin


Chris Foord