Def Leppard Recorded An Orchestral Version of 'Animal' And OH MY GOD, IT'S BEAUTIFUL.

def lep

Well, this is pretty cool. Def Leppard's about to release 'Drastic Symphonies', an album full of orchestral takes on their classics, provided by The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra. The first taste we got is 'Animal', and it's awesome. 

The album is on streaming services May 19th. 

The album will also feature Joe dueting with...himself? His younger self, that is. More, from Loudwire:

"What we've done is we've re-worked 16 of our most symphonic songs, and done them with the Royal Philharmonic," Elliott explained in an interview. "I re-sang some of them, because the original vocals were out of place once you put an orchestra on it. So on one of the tunes, which is a song called 'Too Late for Love,' I did a duet with myself from 40 years ago."

While it was "the most bizarre thing," Elliott added, "it was great fun. The timing and the phrasing came to me instantly. It's like it never left my DNA. But it was one of the strangest things I've ever done. It was like singing with a ghost that's still alive, if that makes any sense."

Very cool. Excited to hear the rest of Drastic Symphonies on May 19th!