How A Kid From Small Town Manitoba Got Blink-182 In His Music Video


Well, I’m not sure if blink-182 had many/any ties to small town Manitoba, but they certainly do now. That tie’s name is Goody Grace, the pride of Selkirk, Manitoba. In case you don’t know, Selkirk has about 10,000 people, some steel work that drives the small community, and is known as the “catfish capital of the world”. A small town in Manitoba, with a giant fish statue named Chuck the Channel Cat. The closest thing I could find for a musical claim to fame on Selkirk? The keyboard player for Crash Test Dummies hails from there. 

So how’d they end up connected to Souther California’s blink-182?

Goody Grace. 

There’s actually a pretty cool backstory here, one I’ll let CBC tell

But this is much more than just a one-off cameo from Mark Hoppus and Travis Barker in a song, and the accompanying music video. Nope, small town Manitoba’s finest got to join the dudes onstage for Adam’s Song, too. 

Pretty cool, man.