Brett From The Glorious Sons Talks Buffalo Bills, New Sons Album, and Springsteen With Lew


It was really cool to get to talk to Brett Emmons of The Glorious Sons again. The new Sons album 'A War On Everything' came out a few weeks ago and it might just be your new favourite rock album of the year (move aside Tool, The Black Keys, and The Raconteurs!) In the interview we got to talk about Emmons' beloved Buffalo Bills, how he doesn't think the Pats are THAT good, and of course the new album. How did the band land on 'Kingdom of My Heart' for their second single after 'Panic Attack'? Were there moments in Emmons' songwriting where he felt like he outdid himself? Are there parts that are tricky to pull off live?  Hear us discuss this all in the interview! And pick up your tickets for their show at MacEwan Hall On March 12 with Black Pistol Fire opening right here!