Check Out This Track By Tom Petty!

tomptScreenshot 2021-03-04 173709

It's crazy to believe the Tom Petty's song 'You Saw Me Coming' never made it to the Wildflowers album.

It's a beauty, as it gets pretty wistful as Petty's voice drifts you away. (Could be the bong too)

The Tom Petty Estate released an alternate version of You Saw Me Coming in anticipation for the Finding Wildflowers album out April 16th.

**Finding Wildflowers are songs that were created during the recording of the Wildflowers album but were not on the album. A reissue and alternate takes of the actual Wildflowers album will be released as well. 

For more information behind the Wildflowers-era albums, reissue itself and box set read on here. (It's worth it)

To pre order Finding Wildflowers  click here. 


Chris Foord